Thor (2011)

Man, people do be sleeping on this movie. I constantly hear people talk down to this film, but it's better than people give it credit for. Sure the CG has lost a bit of its edge over the last DECADE and Thor's bleached eyebrows will always be weird... but can we just take a moment to appreciate how BADASS The Destroyer is???!!!

Honestly, this film's biggest problem is Thor's redemption of worthiness. Not to say is not established but it does feel very sudden. What this movie really needed was an 80s style montage. I think showing 2 weeks of Thor learning about Earth and getting closer to Jane before Sif and the warrior three show up would have taken this movie to the next level. Underrated classic if you ask me.

It's still weird to be reminded that Loki is technically a Frost Giant... I doubt that's going to come up in his Disney+ series.

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