Mortal Kombat (1995)

This movie is so unbelievably dated, and it doesn't do anything to hide it. The CG is nothing less than god-awful. The acting isn't far ahead in quality with every actor smoothing each scene a blanket of cheese and chewing it like gum. The whispery kook, version of Radian will never sit well with me. They couldn't have at least made him Asian?! The story surrounding the characters has no heart, it's just endless bloodless fight after bloodless fight. And with all this, it still manages to be pretty good in my eyes.

Despite all its flaws, Mortal Kombat manages to stay incredibly faithful to the spirit of the MK games. The excellent portrayals of Shang Sung and Liu Kang partnered with the undeniably kickass theme are just the cherry on top. Is it the best videogame movie? Maybe, because despite it being a watered-down version of the Mortal Kombat story it is still very much MK. That's more than the likes of Monster Hunter of Sonic can say. If you are even a casual fan of MK, I say give it a chance.

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