Jigsaw (2017)

This is probably the most mundane and boring of the Saw films. The traps and characters are forgettable and dull and the gore is so tasteless I often think this film is PG-13 from memory.

This is the film that leaves me with the most questions of the franchise so lee's go down the list, shall we?!

1. Wouldn't the beginning saws stop regardless of if you knew to cut yourself if they are halted by blood?

2. Why are there no further traps set up for Logan after he is pulled out because of an oopsie?

3. How did the pully system know when Carley was injected?

4. Why not his the pressure plate with a tool and remove your leg when the wires reverse?

5. How did John get a flat-screen? They cost nearly 8k in 2001 and he somehow has a 16' model.

6. Where did Logan put John's body after pulling it from his casket?

7. Does Logan expect investigators to NOT find the collar with the fake blood cartridges? Seems like it would shine a lot of light on his little plan

8. How did Logan know HIS game would play out exactly like John's if he gave the players all the same choices?

9. Why do the lasers not pass through the detective's head and across the room?

10. Why would the detective put himself in a trap? Doesn't that ruin the point of framing him?

Aaaaaanyway, this isn't the worse film but it's a pretty pathetic Saw film.

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