A Quiet Place (2018)

Look, all around this movie is... fine, I guess, it seems competently put together but there are just too many weird things for me to call it good. Like why are board game pieces considered too loud to have but people walk, run, and jump through grass and leaves with no problem? Also, they never thought to spend more time in their sound bunker just in case? Or build a new home by the waterfall?! Or the fact that no sane person would ever build stares by hammering a nail upwards. Was your home build by monkeys? If so, have them get started over by the waterfall!

Not to mention, this weak little lad would have never been able to pull his older sister out of the grain like that. Common now. And no one once thought to use high-pitched to fight the super hearing monsters? Seems like a pretty logical step to me.

The monster design is pretty cool but reads a bit Demogorgon meets MUTO. The CG lighting on it does let it down a bit.

I won't go any further into it because YMS has said it better than I ever could.

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